Helpful Info

 What information should I provide when scheduling a sweep?
 - The most important information is the exact location of the job, and the type of work needing performed
     (lot, road, milling, spill, etc. clean up).
     -The name of your company or association, your name, and a telephone number where you can be reached.
     -Information regarding prevailing wage requirements, MDOT contract numbers
     - If the job is large, an arranged site to dump sweepings, and refill water for dust control is helpful and
       will save you money in added job time costs.
     -City ordinances.  Commercial areas can generally be swept at any time of day, however residential areas
       must generally be swept during daytime hours, due to noise.

Why should I have my parking lot swept?
 -Enhance Overall Look of Property
          -Attract more customers
          - Create good first impressions

     -Extend the Life of Your Pavement
          - Sand, dirt, and trash are abrasive and will shorten the life of pavement and striping
          - Weeds can protrude through small cracks, thereby expanding the cracks and shortening the life
             of your parking lot.

     -Long-Term Savings
          - The cost of replacing pavement far outweighs regularly scheduled sweeps

Why is it important to sweep the streets?
  - A spring sweep is important to remove sand, salt, and debris from roadways before it causes an accident
         or is  washed into storm drains where it will run into our lakes, rivers, and streams, or before it clogs storm
         drains and causes flooding
      - A summer sweep removes accumulated debris and trash from roadways
      - A fall sweep removes debris and leaves before they can enter the storm drains.