Sanisweep, Inc.

     Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Hourly Sweeping:  $140/hr.       
This price reflects all regular sweeping services, including residential, parking lot, and normal construction sweeping.

Emergency Call-Out Sweeping: $140/hr.
    As a courtesy to our existing clients, our emergency rates for accidents, spills, etc. remain the same as regular rates.

Weekends: To Include Weekend Emergencies: $150/hr.
Weekend hours to include services scheduled between the hours of 6p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Sunday              

Construction Sweeping:  $170/hr
   This price reflects all jobs in which Davis-Bacon wage rates apply.

Contract Sweeping: Price per bid 
We accept most invitations to bid, and will gladly quote you a price based on mileage or frequency.

Tractor Broom/Kick-off Sweeping:  $110/hr
Additional Options:  Flashing Arrow Board
                                  Backpack blowers (for sidewalks and corners)
                                  TMA's (Truck Mounted Attenuators/"Crash Trucks")

All of our Street Sweepers are equipped with water for dust control 

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